Product NameGenericStrenghtPack Size
Buzon TabletRisperidone1mg; 2mg; 3mg; 4mg20's
Co-Depricap CapsuleOlanzapine+Fluoxetine3/25mg; 6/25mg14’s
Depricap CapsuleFluoxetine20mg30's
Depricap LiquidFluoxetine20mg/5ml60ml
Diazepam TabletDiazepam5mg30's
Ebtin SyrupEbastine 5mg/5ml 30ml
Espidone Oral Solution Risperidone1mg/ml30ml
Es-Pramcit Oral Drops Escitalopram as Oxalate10mg/ml, 20mg/ml15ml, 30ml
Es-Pramcit TabletEscitalopram5mg; 10mg; 20mg 14's; 20's;
Gaba CapsuleGabapentin100mg; 300mg, 400mg20's
Keptiron Oral SolutionLevetiracetam500mg/5ml60ml
Keptiron TabletLevetiracetam250mg; 500mg; 750mg10’s
Modton Tablet Agomelatine25mg10’s
Neurocetam 20% SyrupPiracetam 1g120ml
Neutop TabletTopiramate25mg; 50mg, 100mg60’s
Normalith SR TabletLithium Carbonate400mg100's
Nubaquel Tablet Quetiapine (as fumarate) 25mg ; 100mg; 200mg10's + 30's
Onzip TabletOlanzapine USP 5mg , 7.5mg , 10mg10’s
Ostomax TabletRaloxifene Hydrochloride eq. to Raloxifine 60mg14’s
Ovuline TabletCabergoline 500mcgAs per requirement
Ovuline TabletCabergoline500mcgAs per requirement
Oxzepin TabletOxcarbazepine150mg; 300mg; 600mg50’s
Pramcit TabletCitalopram20mg20's
Prenue CapsulePregabalin50mg; 75mg; 100mg; 150mg14’s
Pronitron TabletParoxetine Hydrochloride eq. to
Paroxetine USP
Pronitron CR TabletParoxetine Hydrochloride USP eq. to Paroxetine 12.5mg; 25mg30’s
Qrist TabletDesvenlafaxine 50mg; 100mg10’s, 30’s, 14’s
Relaxital TabletBromazepam3 mg30's
Reline Tablet Sertraline Hydrochloride 50mg,100mg30's, 20's
Seizril TabletVigabatrin BP 500mg10’s, 20’s, 30’s
Sligril TabletSelegiline 5mg,10mg10’s, 50’s
Stabler TabletBetahistine DiHydrochloride 16mg, 24mg, 8mg30’S
Stabler TabletBetahistine DiHydrochloride 4mg; 8mg; 16mg 30's
Stir-up TabletMemantine10mg20's
Tigesic TabletTizanidine 2mg/tab20's
Tigesic Tablet Tizanidine 2mg20's
Valset SyrupValproic Acid (as sodium) 250mg/5ml60ml
Valset TabletValproic Acid (as sodium) 500mg , 250mg10x10’s
Vicomid TabletLacosamide50mg, 100mg, 150mg, 200mg14's
Xoming TabletZolmitriptan2.5mg , 5mg3's
Zedan TabletAripiprazole15mg30's
Zedan TabletAripiprazole 10mg,15mg3x10's
Ziprox CapsuleZiprasidone 20mg, 40mg, 60mg, 80mg14’s, 14’s, 20’s , 20`s
Zonitrol CapsuleZonisamide 50mg,100mg14’s, 28’s
Zuloxet CapsuleDuloxetine Hydrochloride20mg; 30mg; 60mg 14's