Marketing & Sales

Nabiqasim for almost five decades has been setting standards for marketing its branded generics in Pakistan. The domestic marketing comprises of highly skilled, motivated & dynamic teams focused to promote its products to the Medical Profession.

The synergy of high quality products coupled with effective sales and marketing teams has placed the company among the leading pharmaceuticals in Pakistan with products availability in more than 45,000 Pharmacies through more than 80 distributors all over Pakistan.

Nabiqasim has strong presence in nearly all therapeutic segments including Cardiology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, General, Gynecology, Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pediatric, Psychiatry, Surgery & ENT. The domestic product range comprises of more than 87 molecules in the aforementioned segments which totals to 139 products in different strengths and forms. The company is market leader in various molecules in domestic market.

Nabiqasim philosophy to introduce latest technologies and innovative products in Pakistan has substantially contributed in improvement of overall health standards in the country. Nabiqasim is the pioneer company in producing many new molecules of prostaglandin, laxatives, anti depressants and cardiology groups in Pakistan.

Moreover, the leading Opinion Leaders/ Consultants/ Professors/ Doctors often look forward towards Nabiqasim for taking the initiative to introduce latest technologies and products and place high degree of trust and confidence in Nabiqasim products due to its quality & services.

International Collaborations

Nabiqasim Group also provides opportunity to International Pharmaceutical Companies for extending their business under agency and distribution arrangement in Pakistan. Currently one of the Nabiqasim Group Company is marketing the biological/ Blood Plasma products of leading International Group.

Shared partnership successes are at the very heart of Nabiqasim business. From first meeting through product launch and beyond, Nabiqasim stands behind its belief in true partnership thereby combining synergies and sharing joint successes with its overseas Principals.

At the core of each successful partnership is a great relationship based on trust and mutual respect. Nabiqasim recognizes and embraces the fact that its partners are the main component of its success.

Nabiqasim has a very strong regulatory department comprising of highly skilled & trained professionals who have extensive experience, expertise & liaison in the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan for registration of products and other matters. Simultaneously its marketing teams have successfully launched and marketed numerous new products, have set new trends and developed effective marketing/promotional strategies in Pakistan that is reflected in the ever growing number of its extremely satisfied customers.

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