Contract Manufacturing & Other Services

Nabiqasim provides wide range of contract manufacturing, dossier development and marketing services to various domestic and international customers and is successfully supplying high quality products under such arrangements.

Globally during the last decade, concept of contract manufacturing received extensive support from various leading pharmaceutical companies and they opted to have a product outsourced from a reliable manufacturer to concentrate on marketing their products.

However, in this regard it is of utmost importance that the partner chosen for contract manufacturing / outsourcing should have adequate systems and facilities to ensure that only high quality products are manufactured there from.

Nabiqasim due to its state of the art cGMP compliant facility is now considered among the most reliable contract manufacturing partners by various domestic and international pharmaceutical companies.

Various contract manufacturing services for Sterile Lyophilized injections, liquids, creams, eye drops, tablets and Cephalosporins are rendered to leading domestic as well as International Customers. The services encompass the whole process, beginning with confidential discussions, followed by a detailed offer and agreement, and transformation from laboratory/ pilot stage developmental work to commercial scale manufacturing of the intended products.

New business often starts at lab or pilot scale. In this regard Nabiqasim has an independent fully equipped dedicated formulation development lab at which various new formulations / generic combinations in desired dosage form are being manufactured at laboratory and pilot scale.

Team of technical experts & Professionals are working for the development new / improved / desired formulations as per the requirement of the domestic & international customers.

Quality Risk Management (QRM) is also implemented during development and lifecycle of finished formulations to mitigate risk to patients and convene cGMP requirement of safe product. Accelerated / Long Term / Real Time Stability Studies are conducted as per the requirements of International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) guidelines.

The company also supports its customers in developing the dossier and other necessary documents required for the drug regulatory authorities of the relevant countries.